Facelift underway in Underground

Exercise room bulk-up will benefit everyone

By Liana Verbos

Knightly News Reporter


Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, president of Central Penn College, announced to students by email in December to keep their eyes open for exciting changes coming to their campus.

One of those changes students will see this year is an expansion of the workout room in The Underground.

“The College is making investments for our students, beginning with expanding the workout room in the Underground,” Fedrizzi-Williams stated.

 The Underground is not only a place for Central Penn students to work out, but has a recreation room in which students can relax between classes or hang out during other free time.

Adrienne Thoman, dean of student engagement, said, “The workout room expansion is going to be a great opportunity to extend what the college offers our students.”

The remodel will benefit student-athletes in training. Student-athletes need additional equipment to support their training needs. The gym expansion will allow for team training sessions. This will also benefit students who want to focus on health and wellness.

The team working on the expansion plan met at the end of January to discuss the details of the project.

Chris Sherriff, facilities director, is leading the project. Once the project is underway, offices will move around in The Underground. According to Sherriff, the gym-expansion project team will keep the gym accessible during construction. The team hopes to have the gym expansion completed by the beginning of the spring term.

The campus will benefit from The Underground expanding, and help with student development and engagement at Central Penn.

The fitness center in the Underground has begun receiving an expansion, with the facilities team hoping to finish the project by the beginning of the spring term. Photo by Paul Miller

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