Knightly News takes home Club of the Year honors at Activities and Athletics Banquet

Media club receives honor for the second time

By The Knightly News

The Knightly News Media Club received the coveted Club of the Year honors at last week’s annual Activities and Athletics Banquet, a program designed to recognize the top clubs and athletes a school year.

During a recent club meeting, the Knightly News Media Club members expressed how they felt about winning the award.

The Club of the Year Award for 2022-23 was presented to the Knightly News Media Club at the annual Activities and Athletics Banquet. Photo by Paul Miller

Gabryelle Breski – president of the Knightly News

“Winning the Club of the Year award was a great moment for the Knightly News Media Club, and the best part is that most of what the club does involves other clubs and athletics as well.  It was a great moment for each member to be recognized for their hard work throughout the year.”

Andrew Hunter – vice president and Knightly News sports reporter

“This award represented all of our hard work throughout the terms this year. As students who are juggling a number of things, to know that we are highly regarded as our college’s news organization makes all of our efforts worth it in the end.”

Dalton Koller – secretary of the Knightly News

“It was definitely a surprise because there are many amazing clubs on campus that could have also won this award. But for us to be not only commended but praised was certainly a high point during my time with the Knightly News.”

Nik Hogan – CPC film series correspondent

“This award provides us with the motivation we need to keep going and keep spreading the news. We provide the opportunity for students to learn more about the college that they have chosen to attend, and our coverage provides a voice to many aspects of campus that may not otherwise be reported on. This award provides validation to all our hard work this year while also motivating us to continue these efforts in the future.”

Kevon Davis – Knightly News reporter and basketball producer

“The way the Knightly News has continued to expand sports broadcasts at the college puts us in an important place, mainly because no other school in the USCAA conference provides streams and commentary to the level that we do. It is not easy, but our team works well together and puts out a consistent product that our school, and its athletes, can be proud of.”

Blake Myers – Knightly News basketball reporter

“It really means everything. From our club leaders to every one of our members, all of the hard work is being recognized. And while we constantly continue to strive to improve our efforts, to know that our campus community sees the value in the work that we do is extremely fulfilling.”

Adi Mujkanovic – Knightly News reporter

“I think it is fantastic that we won this award. Everything that we have done for different types of organizations, including Knights athletics and the West Shore Connect program, speaks to why we were nominated and ultimately won the award. “

In addition, Breski received the Student Leadership Award for her efforts not only in leading the Knightly News as president but also for her work as a mentor for the West Shore Connect program.

Breski’s nomination read: “Abbee is one of the best student leaders that we have seen on campus in recent memory. Not only does she lead the Knightly News as president, but she is also actively involved as a mentor to the West Shore Connect program. But what is most special about Abbee is her willingness to be selfless, helping her classmates during course and club projects. Her leadership in her time at the college is not only commendable but sets a true example of how students on our campus can excel.”

Members and advisers of the Knightly News Media Club pose for a photo at the 2023 Activities and Athletics Banquet. Photo by Molly Peters

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Edited by media-club co-advisers professors Paul Miller and Michael Lear-Olimpi.