CPC Film Series and former deputy attorney general highlight Episode #133

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On this episode of the Knightly News Podcast, we welcome Co-President Leslie Heimbaugh to discuss her upcoming CPC Film Series presentation of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” on July 30 and former Senior Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania John Butchar to discuss the ramifications of the ballot initiatives on the Pennsylvania constitution from the May primary.

During our time with Heimbaugh, we discuss her experiences with the CPC Film Series as part of the Knightly News, including her as the film correspondent, her winning honorable mention at the 2020 Student Keystone Media Award for her story on Dr. Marcie Rovan’s presentation of “Harry Potter,” and her opportunity to present in fall of 2020 that was derailed by COVID-19.

Heimbaugh will be presenting during the July 30 event, analyzing “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” as part of the summer CPC Film Series. Doors open at 6 p.m. The pre-event festivities and presentation will take place in the area outside of the Capital BlueCross Theatre and the screening of the film will take place inside. Admission is free.

On the second segment of the podcast, we are joined by former Senior Deputy Attorney General John Butchar to discuss the ramifications of the ballot initiatives that were passed in the May primaries. These initiatives that passed changed the Pennsylvania constitution, as all four ballot initiatives passed on May 18.

During our time with Butchar, he breaks down the impact of these ballot initiatives and discusses how the average citizen will be impacted by these amendments.

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