West Shore Connect PSA released

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

The Knightly News Media Club and West Shore Connect program teamed up to do a public service announcement highlighting the Central Penn College/WSC partnership that started at the beginning of this academic year.

The project, a collaboration between Knightly News President Jenelle Dulack, Reporter Dylan Bowman and Co-Adviser Paul Miller, highlights the role that the college plays in the development of students in the West Shore Connect program.

The West Shore Connect program has made it clear that its mission is “to empower students with disabilities who are of college-age to experience age-appropriate activities which will enhance their academic and functional independence.”

This academic year, three students were a part of this pilot program. The program anticipates having 10 students in the 2022-23 school year, starting in the fall.

The video was produced over three different days in May on campus. The beauty of the Summerdale campus is highlighted in the video.

Miller served as executive producer for the video, setting up locations, interviewing guests, coordinating the logistics, developing a shot list and more.

Dulack served as the director of our outdoor scenes, working with the students and administration staff to get the best shots possible.

Bowman was the videographer and editor and spent countless hours perfecting the video over the past several weeks.

Abby Breski was an assistant producer, who was a major contributor to helping prep interviewees before they got on camera and helping the group to stay on schedule.

Of her experience, Breski said, “Personally, ‘mentor’ is a title, and I like to believe I am now making friends with the students involved. They are open, honest and positive individuals. The students have taken on the challenge of college with an open mind and continue to make leaps and bounds no matter the course.”

The Knightly News was honored to be a part of this experience, not only because the video had been in the works for several months, but because it highlights an organization that represents our own mission at Central Penn College.