Player Profile: Ayden Conti

One in a series of articles on Central Penn basketball players this season.

Strengthening bonds, and looking to step up

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By Anderson Bridwell

Knightly News Reporter

Ayden Conti is a soft-touch point guard with a good eye for creating shots for his teammates.

He’s a sophomore on the Central Penn men’s basketball team who wants to step up and learn to be a leader and fulfill any roles the team needs.

Ayden Conti
Photo courtesy Central Penn College Athletics

During his senior year at North Schuylkill, he led the basketball team to win the district championship.

“That is my favorite memory of my basketball career so far, but I can’t wait to create more with my teammates this year,” he said.

Conti has dealt with an ankle sprain that never seemed to go away.

 “I have been rehabilitating it and trying to make it as strong as possible for the … season,” Conti said.

Starting guard junior Khalil Dukes had a lot to say about Conti.

“I expect him to mature and become a leader because when the seniors leave, it’s going to be the young guy’s team, Dukes said. “I need him to play a bigger role this year and the years to come, and be Ayden.”

Conti said the bond the players have make the team “a family.”

“The coaches took me in from the start and still hold a tight bond,” he said.

Conti’s goals for this year are going to be to step up, be more vocal and make his presence known on the court.

He wants to be a leader and learn from the upperclass students so that when they are gone, he can fill their shoes. He is looking forward to being an asset to the Knights.

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