‘Knights at the Movies’ finale to release Jan. 18

By Paul Miller and Leslie Heimbaugh

Knightly News Co-Adviser

It is a bittersweet day for fans of the “Knights at the Movies” podcast, as the finale episode will be released on Jan. 18.

The venture by Professor Paul Miller and co-host (and former Knightly News President) Leslie Heimbaugh, was a passion project for the duo. Both individuals are avid film connoisseurs and used this podcast as an outlet to discuss the impact film has had on their lives.

The podcast, which debuted in April, will have had a run of 10 episodes over 10 months, covering topics like auteur directors Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, as well as ranking their top films and holiday classics.

The podcast is coming to an end due to Heimbaugh’s graduation at the end of the fall 2021 term. While the duo does not rule out additional episodes, the regular recording schedule will be on hiatus.

Being a part of the “Knights at the Movies” podcast gave Miller and Heimbaugh an opportunity to think critically about their relationship with film.

“Watching movies gives me a chance to filter out the world around me and engage with characters and stories that are often so different from my own experiences,” Heimbaugh said. “It becomes a chance to live vicariously through others–to feel what the characters are feeling. I can decide for myself if a director made the most of the opportunity to inspire great performances.”

Miller explained: “Film is such a moving medium because we all have a connection to it in some way. It might be part of a tradition, a way to connect with different people, or a way to stimulate your mind in a positive way.”

Heimbaugh shared that over the course of the 10-month run, feedback from friends and colleagues has been incredible.

“When I first started podcasting, I was scared to death that I would say something stupid, and I hated the sound of my voice. While I still find my voice a little jarring, I can live with it now,” Heimbaugh proclaimed. “After listening to the first podcast, I felt instantly relieved. The conversations we had were fun and engaging, and I found myself laughing along and loving the content. Podcasting is definitely something I want to do more of in the future–in fact, I’m a little addicted to it!”

“To have the opportunity to work with Leslie helped us to develop a bond outside of the classroom and I look forward to getting to go see a film with her in the near future,” Miller said.

Even if this is the last episode that Miller and Heimbaugh record, both individuals look back at the experience in a positive way.

Heimbaugh discussed the experience.

“There was absolutely no downside to podcasting, as I got to talk about one of my passions with a smart, well-informed and equally passionate person whose positive reactions in real-time urged me to be myself,” she said. “It was a fantastic opportunity to geek out with someone who shares my interests.”

“The best thing about modern technology is that these episodes will always exist,” Miller said. “Even if we don’t record again, fans of the show can always go back and revisit these episodes at any time, and we hope they do.”

The final episode tackles the films that had the greatest impact on the duos’ lives. While each approached that framework from a different perspective, both hosts feel that this was their strongest episode.

“It is sad that this run has concluded because we were just hitting our stride as a team,” Miller shared. “Still, the bond that we have created over Leslie’s time at Central Penn College will never fade. And I’ll always have someone to go see the next Quentin Tarantino film with.”

All of the episodes of the “Knights at the Movies” podcast can be found on the Knightly News Media Club YouTube channel and the final three episodes are available on the club’s SoundCloud channel.