Students inducted into Gamma Beta Phi Society

President Fedrizzi-Williams and GBP officers address gathering

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By Tam Bui

Knightly News Reporter

New Central Penn Gamma Beta Phi Society members were inducted in a ceremony Saturday in the college conference center, with the group pledging to take on the values, principles and practices the honors and service organization stands for.

The ceremony, attended by nine inductees — eight in person and one online — and about 35 people total with guests, started with Central Penn Gamma Beta Phi President Crystal Rinker talking about the organization, and an introduction from Central Penn President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams in which she shared with attendees that she was in honor societies in college.

All newly inducted Central Penn members of Gamma Beta Phi who attended the ceremony, alongside President Crystal Rinker (on far left) and Vice President Hassani Karemera (on far right). Photo by Gabryelle Breski

Fedrizzi-Williams gave the inductees some words of support, discussing what it truly means to be a member of the Gamma Beta Phi Society. She discussed leadership, character and acts of service each member must uphold, on top of the academic excellence required.

“Remember to focus on what is best for your future in the long run,” she said.

She also emphasized the importance of taking risks and opportunities that come to you, as well as “remembering to be grateful for the opportunities you already have.”

Fedrizzi-Williams also talked about how the life choices she made and about how the opportunities that arose in her life led to her becoming a college professor at age 25 and eventually becoming the president of Central Penn College.

President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams talks to inductees and other at the the ceremony in the Central Penn Conference Center on Saturday. Photo by Gabryelle Breski

Central Penn vice president of Gamma Beta Phi Hassani Karemera talked to attendees about the GBP code of ethics and the values of the organization. The principles each member must follow include honesty, service, industriousness, humility, justice, cooperation, responsibility and charitableness.

In a video presentation, James Smith, an adviser of the national executive committee for Gamma Beta Phi, addresses new members on the values and principles of the organization.
Photo courtesy Logan Kibler
Newly inducted member Kenneth Kister (center) with GBP President Crystal Rinker and Vice President Hassani Karemera

James Smith, adviser member to the national executive committee for the organization and part of Troy University Montgomery (Alabama), delivered a video message to new members, congratulating them on their achievement in becoming Gamma Beta Phi  inductees.

GBP members Robert Reed and Gabryelle Breski read the meaning of the coat of arms and member pledge, respectively, and members then stood up to read the pledge to be inducted. Ria Crosley, another GBP member, read the names of the inductees.

Names of new Gamma Beta Phi members follow:

  • Joel Antrim
  • Matthew Bachman
  • Haylee Boggs
  • Jedediah Boose
  • Karae Carson
  • Stephanie Buser
  • Harpreet Dhaliwal
  • Blake Eiserman
  • Alexa Feist
  • Deanna Fortin
  • Kacie Gonzalez
  • Valerie Green
  • Jazmine Jackson
  • Natkrita Jaiyasan
  • Logan Kibler
  • Kenneth Kister
  • Lydia Koser
  • Mya Madden
  • Sarah Moore
  • Sean Oxford
  • Charyann Pou
  • Danielle Rhea
  • Michael Sheedy
  • Susan St. Clair
  • Kristyn Stewart
  • Rosanna Wakley
  • Shelli Wiser
  • Misty Young
  • Jasmine Zarker

To wrap up the ceremony, Rinker made remarks to the new members and their families.

“I can’t wait to work with you all on the organization service projects,” she told them.

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