The Knightly News Podcast celebrates 150 episodes

By Sarah Whitmire

Knightly News Reporter

The Knightly News Media Club will release its 150th podcast episode on May 10, featuring Central Penn College President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams.

This milestone episode has been over six years in the making, as Episode #1 aired on Feb. 9, 2016.

Fedrizzi-Williams also was featured on Episode #100 on Aug. 27, 2019. Since then, many important initiatives have occurred at the college, including the roll-out of a number of certificate programs, an increased focus on student support and stressing affordability for our students.

“I think the students of the college have a very unique opportunity in that our president here is unbelievably accessible,” Professor Paul Miller, podcast producer, media-club co-adviser and podcast host, said when talking about Fedrizzi-Williams, who is set to be on Episode #150, just one of many examples of people the podcast has featured so far.

The Knightly News was established by Professors Paul Miller and Michael Lear-Olimpi in 2015, offering an outlet for student reporters to cover events on campus, important people in the community and successful alumni of the institution.

The podcast has been another consistent aspect of the club, releasing five podcasts per term and generating, on average, 100 listeners per episode.

“One really important thing about podcasts is to be consistent over a long period of time so that you can build your audience,” Miller said. “We have had tremendous gains in listenership over the past 18 months.”

Miller also pointed out the importance of having students involved with the process, striving to have a club member on every episode released.

As a result of taking part in The Knightly News Podcast, several students have gone on to record their own shows, including:

  • Leslie Heimbaugh — “Knights at the Movies”
  • Brian Christiana, Dylan Kleintop and Parker Rose — “Fantasy Football Strategy Guide”
  • Nick Holloman — “HolloTalk”
  • Darren Greene — “The Darren Greene Show”

The podcast has pushed through the last six years and has established its format over time. During the pandemic, however, like most podcasts, a six-month hiatus occurred to navigate what came along with the world’s situation.

After the hiatus, the club pushed on, creating episodes every other week of each term, featuring a variety of departments, faculty and staff members. The Knightly News produces five podcasts per term with two different interview segments per episode.

The podcast will be released on SoundCloud, the club’s YouTube channel, and on, on May 10.

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Edited by professors and media-club co-advisers Paul Miller and Michael Lear-Olimpi.