Knightly News Presents: The Student Station Podcast

By Liana Verbos

Knightly News Reporter

On this first episode of The Student Station Podcast, we will hear from three Central Penn College students who are commuters to the college. Brian Davis and Omayra Martinez-Girau are fellow communications students who join Liana Verbos in discussing off and on-campus living.

The group takes the time to discuss our own experiences with the cost of housing and share some helpful tips for incoming college students in hopes of helping them make the right campus living decisions for themselves.

During our time, Martinez-Girau touched on how first-year residency may be required in some colleges, the percentage of students living on campus, and options for paying for on-campus housing such as college incentives, FAFSA and scholarships.

On the show, Davis reviewed what the major costs of college are, how the students can potentially reduce a college cost of living, and, depending on the students’ choice of college, options on where to reside while attending.

Verbos reviewed the things students need to consider before deciding where to live and the pros and cons of living on campus.

This podcast highlights the benefits and disadvantages of each living situation and how each one can potentially fit any college student. College and housing expenses are extremely important to consider.

Although, where the students live is just one part of going to college, considering housing before selecting a college can save them money, set their own rules and gain some valuable life experience.

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