Player Profile: Ahnae Robinson

One in a series of articles on Central Penn basketball players this season.

Ahnae Robinson is looking for a winning season and a team title

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By Blake Myers

Knightly News Reporter

Ahnae Robinson, freshman guard on the Central Penn College women’s basketball team, is excited about the season.

When asked what sparked her love for basketball, she said: “I started playing from a young age and it made me fall in love with the game.”

She made it very clear that from a young age, she took basketball seriously through all the trials and tribulations that came with it.

The biggest achievement she has had through basketball is beating a tough team in high school, which she described as her biggest accomplishment.

“We beat a really good team we had struggled with all season,” Robinson said.

Ahnae Robinson
Photo courtesy Central Penn College Athletics

She made it known that she loves the competition that comes with the game.

Robinson said she didn’t have many obstacles on the way to playing in college and that she is very confident with her play on the court.

As I spoke with Robinson, she told me she looks up to Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving for inspiration in her game. Having played the same position and understanding how he plays guard in the NBA helps her relate to him. She also stated that some of her moves are influenced by Irving’s game and how she incorporates some of those moves into her own game comes from Irving’s influence.

It wasn’t surprising to hear about her role on the team. Robinson said she “makes plays, steps up on defense and provides a good role model for my teammates.”

Robinson has a clear idea of what she will need to do for the Knights to be successful this season. She also has a good understanding of what she needs to do to become a team leader.

I also spoke to her about her relationship with her coaches and teammates.

“My relationship with my coaches is good, and I had one of my coaches in high school as well,” she explained.

She added that relationship with her teammates is “well established,” and she is looking forward to the season with them.

“I want to win a championship with this team,” she said of her goals.

Robinson mentioned that she is focused on bringing home a title for the Knights soon. She also said she will keep improving and being a great teammate.

You can catch Robinson and all the Central Penn women’s basketball team at and on The Knightly News YouTube channel.

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