Player Profile: Daeja Cromartie

One in a series of articles on Central Penn basketball players this season.

First-year student sees the Lady Knights going far this season

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By Anderson Bridwell

Knightly News Reporter

Daeja Cromartie is a first-year Central Penn student who brings her talent from Lackawanna College, in Scranton.

She’s a junior and plays small forward for the Lady Knights.

Daeja Cromartie
Photo courtesy Central Penn College Athletics

Cromartie comes from West Philadelphia and grew up playing basketball. She attended Lackawanna, where she won her division championship, and where she and her team received a ticket to the national championship during the pandemic.

Cromartie also battles with the passing of her father during the last year she attended Lackawanna. She ended up leaving in the middle of November when he got sick. She was off for about a year and a half, then decided to return to school and continue her basketball career at Central Penn.

She said about her connection with her coaches: “We have two great coaches who see the potential in everyone on the team, and I see us going very far.”

She added, “I want to be the backbone of my team and be a team player. I’ll do anything my team needs me to do. Getting to the national tournament is my goal this year.”

After her basketball career, Cromartie wants to become a coach and spread her knowledge of the game to as many youths as possible.

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