Player Profile: Sidney Green

One in a series of articles on Central Penn basketball players this season.

Who is Flash?

A quick-on-the-court junior who has a passion for basketball

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By Gabryelle Breski

Knightly News Reporter

Sidney Green is a junior information technology major with a minor in criminal justice and plays for the Central Penn College women’s basketball team.

Green is also known on campus as “Flash,” but the nickname didn’t start at Central Penn. Green played a pick-up game prior to coming to college and people attending quickly took notice of her speed on the court and gave her the nickname.

When Green first came to Central Penn, the basketball team asked whether anyone had any nicknames and Green told them “Sid” or “Sidney.” The team, though, didn’t take to either one and felt Green needed a more personal nickname. Once Green shared her story of one pick-up game from home, the nickname “Flash” stuck.

Sidney Green
Photo courtesy Central Penn College Athletics

As was the case of the nickname coming to Green later in life, so it was with her deeper appreciation of basketball. Green said that she was fully committed to softball at 8. Green came to basketball in middle school due to her uncle’s wish for her at least to try the sport. Green ended up playing three sports until she switched from private to public school for her freshman year of high school. She eventually transferred, looking forward to playing for the basketball coach at the new school. She said her favorite memory is making it to the state championship in her junior year.

Green stated that after that great junior season, she suffered a concussion in December of her senior season, leaving her out for three weeks. After being out with a concussion, Green had to earn her starting position back, and the opportunity for many Division I and Division II coaches to watch her play. She finished high school with 18 offers, mostly Division II and Division III, but she wanted to stay close enough to home so she could drive back home when she wanted.

As juniors, many athletes are under more pressure to perform, Green said she is inspired by her teammates and that she doesn’t want to let them down. She wants to perform well for them and promote true team play. She credits her high school basketball coach, who was also her travel coach, with inspiring her and making her who she is today.

This season, Green sees herself as a “dependable leader, defensive threat, reliable scorer.”

Last season, she averaged 9.5 points per game and a total of 113 rebounds overall.

She’s also excited about adding many new teammates and the new coaching staff, and is eager to see where this group can go this season. Green said her biggest goal is for the Lady Knights to win a championship this year and next year.

She said that after Central Penn, she’ll be done playing basketball.

Green’s advice for future students is to learn the word “balance.” She stated how college can be more active than high school, but that students must be able to balance schoolwork, family, friends and sports, and if they hold a job, that, too.

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