Mental health awareness: It’s worth it for everyone!

Smiling young man with wire frame glasses and crew cut

By Adi Mujkanovic

Knightly News Reporter

This story is about mental health and possible solutions for seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder.

There are different ways of handling the depression that comes with seasons. The coping mechanisms you may choose can help you get through the season on a lighter note.

Below are a few tips I have chosen to share to help you if you’re like me:

  • Write and sing lyrics (try the StarMaker app: You can make your own covers of songs on it)
  • Go on a walk
  • Exercise
  • Use religion, such as to pray or meditate
  • Write about your emotions and feelings so you can “get them out” and maybe better understand them
  • Practice yoga
  • Listen to relaxing and healing music
  • Clean up your space

Words of wisdom from someone who has battled:

  • Focus on the positive
  • “Let the love surround you, let the light shine on you” – heard one time before
  • Don’t let your environment define you
  • Depression is nothing to stay away from – face it and deal with it
  • There is more to look forward to. Men and women can struggle with their mental health. Mental health is important to take care of, and seeking support is not just to get attention.
  • To get help takes courage
  • People tend to feel overlooked and feel as though their feelings don’t matter – but they do!

No matter how tough the world is, you have the power to overcome all of those obstacles.

There is someone who is willing to hear and listen to you if you need to talk.  Reach out and talk about how you feel with a friend, a family member, your physician, a clergyperson or a professional mental health practitioner.

If you’re a Central Penn student, you can reach out to the college’s counseling service, at this link or send an email to Students and employees can also call 1-800-543-5080 at any time to talk to a counselor or to schedule an appointment.

Some other resources:

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Edited by media-club co-adviser and blog editor Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi.