‘Knights at the Movies’ ranks the films of the Coen brothers

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

“Knights at the Movies,” a film podcast with Paul Miller and Leslie Heimbaugh, returns for Episode #7 as they rank the top five films of the directing team the Coen brothers.

From “Fargo” to “The Big Lebowski” to “No Country for Old Men,” the Coen brothers have been responsible for many classic films that stand the test of time.

But what is unique about the Coen’s is their use of film noir as a narrative style, updating this classic genre in a variety of modern settings. Miller and Heimbaugh discuss and analyze this concept during the episode.

In addition, the duo discusses important news for Coen brothers fans, as recently it has come out that the duo are parting ways from directing films together.

“Knights at the Movies” will return in November for a discussion about making films, as Miller and Heimbaugh have both produced and directed films over the past year.