CPC Gauntlet Podcast discusses online cheating and its lasting impact

By: Dylan Bowman & Aaron Harrison

Knightly News Reporters

On this episode of the CPC Gauntlet Podcast, Dylan Bowman and Aaron Harrison discuss the topic of cheating in online courses and its impact on society. During the show, the duo talks about their personal experiences as well as explains the sources of online cheating they have gathered.

On the first segment, Bowman does a deep dive into the history of online courses as well as previous cases of college students being accused of cheating by using platforms and outlets such as Chegg.

On the second segment of the podcast, the two hosts take time to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the status of cheating in online courses as well as its overall impact. Harrison further described how the rate of cheating at institutions has increased 200% since 2020 in online courses.

Both co-hosts agree that with the evidence gathered post-pandemic, the future of cheating in schools and in online classes is going to continue to get worse due to the fact that millions of students are used to using apps and outlets for assistance with their assignments.

On the last and final segment, the hosts welcome Knightly News co-advisor, Professor Paul Miller, to touch on why cheating in online courses is so pivotal in our society today. Miller also described his and the faculty’s experiences dealing with students cheating and how they feel existing issues could be fixed down the line.

Miller brought up an important fact stating, “Professors can set their classes up to not really allow people to cheat.” He also went on to say, “I have found my own test questions that I have made up on Quizlet.”

Miller provided excellent insight in the minutes he shared with the podcast and challenged all professors to change the material given out to students as well as open up to assist struggling students, ensuring that plagiarism and cheating aren’t being displayed in anyone’s work.