Student to student: First-year experiences

Some new students share impressions of college life

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By Gabryelle Breski

Knightly News Reporter


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Adi Mujkanovic

Knightly News Reporter

College isn’t meant to be easy.

When a person hears the words “college” or “university,” most think of papers, grades, tests and long hours of studying.

Little did we know that college means more than the degree students are looking to achieve.

As we interviewed students, we quickly learned that college is not defined the way same by all students.

We all have our own stories and reasons for attending college, and we also gain something different from college textbook lessons and experiences.

For example, at Central Penn College, many students know about The Underground, which houses a theater, a large student lounge, a dance studio and an exercise gym, along with some offices, and they know about the school’s clubs.

The Underground is a place for students to get together to play a game or two, watch television or a movie, or to do some homework. Central Penn has many clubs to offer students, depending on interests.

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From lower left, and then clockwise: Isabella Taggart, Ashton Robbin, Lia Smith, Michael Monismith and Kevin Orellana play Uno in The HUB, Bollinger 59. The lounge in The Underground is another popular student gathering place. Photo by Gabryelle Breski.

“Well, it was, it was kinda all right at first, but after I took a little time, and after I took a minute to think about it, it was all right,” Chloe Kim said of her first year.

Kim is among many students who need time to find their way into the new schedule and life changes that come with entering college.

Kim is a student in the West Shore Connect Program, which is for students who had high school learning-support or life-skills classes, and are attending college.

As a part of the program, students participate in clubs on the second Tuesday of every month. One Tuesday, the SGA (Student Government Association, a club at Central Penn) held a karaoke afternoon, where Kim gathered the courage to sing in front of a group of people.

“I’ve never felt so proud in my life,” Kim said, recalling the cheering audience.

Another West Shore Connect student, Kevin Orellana, has been able at Central Penn to continue his love for gaming and sports, naming the esports and gaming lab as one of his favorite places on campus.

Wyatt Repogle is another West Shore Connect student. He enjoys watching game shows in The Underground.

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Wyatt Repogle checks out advertisements in a newspaper insert during a quiet moment in The HUB. Photo by Gabryelle Breski

“I like that I am actually getting new experience here, new jobs here on campus, taking new classes, and enjoying them, and meeting new friends, and doing a lot of fun stuff here like Connection Two days, and doing a lot of field trips,” Repogle said.

Isabella Taggert said she liked that Central Penn students and professors on campus treated her well and with respect.

Central Penn is giving students opportunities outside the classroom to learn and to grow into the responsibilities and other aspects of their lives.

Breski is president of The Knightly News

Mujkanovic is The Knightly News Club’s fundraising director, and a West Shore Connect student.

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