West Shore Connect PSA and Adulting Fair featured on Episode #156

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On this episode of the Knightly News Podcast, we welcome club members Dylan Bowman and Abby Breski to discuss the recent West Shore Connect PSA that the group was involved with and Dan Guerrisi and Jamie Harmon to chat about the upcoming Adulting Fair.

During our time with Bowman and Breski, the group discussed the logistics of putting together the West Shore Connect PSA, including how it came to be, the lengthy pre-production, the collaboration between club members, and the fantastic reception of the video upon its release.

The video, meant to be a promotional piece for the West Shore Connect program, was directed by Jenelle Dulack, filmed and edited by Bowman, and produced by Breski and co-adviser Paul Miller. It can be seen here.

In addition, the group discussed the need for mentors for the West Shore Connect program. This paid position begins in the fall and includes working with the students in the program during the school day. If anyone is interested in becoming a mentor, you can reach out to Adrienne Thoman for more information.

On the second segment of the podcast, we welcome the Assistant Director of Student Advising Dan Guerrisi and News Correspondent Jamie Harmon to take a look at the third annual Adulting Fair, taking place on campus on Sept. 7 from noon – 2 p.m.

During this segment, we revisit the Adulting Fair from years past, preview this year’s event, and discuss some of the important aspects of the subjects that will be presented.

In addition to our discussions about the event, we also look back to Guerrisi presenting at the recent Pennsylvania Association of College and Employers (PennACE) conference on the 2021 event. Central Penn College received a PennACE grant to help organize the event in 2021.

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