Player Profile: Sydney Bubb

One in a series of articles on Central Penn basketball players this season.

Getting to know Sydney Bubb

Senior shooting guard for Lady Knights basketball had lots of family support

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By Dalton Koller

Knightly News Reporter

Sydney Bubb is the starting shooting guard for the Central Penn Lady Knights basketball team and one of its captains.

She’s a former Knightly News Player of the Year, and she and the rest of the women’s team are geared up for this season.

Looking back …

Bubb told me memories of her basketball career, as well as her goals and aspirations for this season and her future after she graduates.

She said her oldest brother, David, got her interested in basketball. He would always shoot around in their driveway from when she was little, and that’s where she found her love for basketball.

Bubb said her dad has played a huge role in her basketball career and in her life generally.

“He’s coached me, he’s been to almost every single game I’ve ever played, he’s been the best coach I’ve ever had and he always pushes me to be the best,” Bubb said.

Bubb also talked about what convinced her to commit to Central Penn. She said her mom went to Central Penn.

“I have a lot of family here,” she added. “It’s pretty far from home, but having family here makes it easier.”

Some things to be proud of

What is her proudest moment or achievement in her basketball career?

“Getting to be (one of) the 3-point (competition) contestants in nationals last year,” she said.

 Unfortunately, Bubb didn’t win that competition, but she said she was proud she entered it with some of the best 3-point shooters in the women’s division of the United States Collegiate Athletics Association.

She also won the Knightly News Athlete of the Year in her first year.

Looking forward

Sydney Bubb
Photos courtesy Central Penn College Athletics

Bubb also talked about her expectations for herself this season.

“To definitely step up as a leader,” she said. “I am the only senior, so I will definitely contribute to the team with that as well.”

Last year was very solid for Bubb, with her posting 7.3 points per game, with 3.5 rebounds per game and 0.8 assists per game, in 24 games. She will most certainly be one of the focal points of this team.

What would she contribute as one of the team leaders?

“I think being a senior and as someone who has been here for three years knows what to expect,” Bubb said “And then also Flash (Sidney Green) is another great leader by my side.”

As for her expectations for the team, Bubb stated, “Definitely to make another nationals appearance, and get further than last year.”

The Knights went 0-2 at the women’s basketball USCAA Small College National Championship tournament, losing in the play-in round to the University of Maine at Augusta, 94-84 in double overtime, and then losing to Christendom 64-53 in the consolation bracket.

“Honestly, compared to last year, I feel like we all blend together a lot better,” she said of the team. “I think we all kind of hit it right off the bat. We just practice and play as hard as we can. We’re all friends, teammates, family and we all mesh together really well. We fill each other’s shoes when needed.”

Concerning how the gelling process has gone among the incoming players and returning players, and whether it’s been relatively easy, Bubb said, “Definitely. Me, Flash and Brandi (Swinton) were actually just talking about it the other day and how grateful we are to have such a great incoming group of freshmen, and then also returners, to gel together. It just happened so quickly, it’s insane.”

Bubb hopes to be accepted to law school after Central Penn, and for her career to take off from there.

Last, when asked if the team has a chance to not only make it back to the national championship but win it, she responded with a resounding, “Absolutely. I think last year, the fact that we went to double overtime is insane. And this year I don’t even think we’re going to have to get that far. It’s just going to be win after win until we make it.”

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