Knightly News Hall of Famers shine on Episode #180

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On this episode of the Knightly News Podcast, we welcome five members of the Knightly News Hall of Fame after the 2023 Induction Ceremony. Hall of Famers Tyler Coleman, Parker Rose, Brian Christiana, Christine Fusselman and Leslie Heimbaugh reminisce about the time they spent with the club and the legacy that they have left with the institution.

On the first segment, Coleman, Rose and Christiana revisited their time as part of our sports broadcasting team, starting in 2017. The group was responsible for many of the early sports broadcasts for the Knightly News, sharing their fond memories of specific games.

In addition, the group made up the roster of the “Fantasy Football Strategy Guide,” a podcast that ran for three different football seasons and was one of the most successful student-led podcasts in the club’s history.

On the second segment of the podcast, Fusselman and Heimbaugh recall some of their most fond memories.

Fusselman, one of the members who is responsible for the push to create the club in 2015, spoke of the need for the club. At the time, there were limited opportunities for showcasing student work, something she worked with the Knightly News advisers to change.

Heimbaugh talked about not only her accomplishments with the club, including three Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association awards, but also what it meant to work with students of various backgrounds during her time at Central Penn.

The Knightly News would like to congratulate all 2023 Hall of Fame inductees. They are clearly the reason why the club continues to be successful. We look forward to seeing them back on campus in 2025 for our next induction ceremony!

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