CPC Film Fest and Knightly News Brief featured on Episode #136

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On Episode #136 of the Knightly News Podcast, we welcome Co-President Jenelle Dulack to discuss the Central Penn College Film Festival and Media Club News Correspondent Jamie Harmon to give the term’s Knightly News Brief with articles from Nash McComsey, Jenelle Dulack, and Leslie Heimbaugh.

During our time with Dulack, we chat about the Sept. 14 “Stories of We” event, an event that is a first of its kind at Central Penn College.

The event is being coordinated by Dulack as part of her COM420: Projects in Corporate Communication course. She is focused on event planning, marketing, and graphic design as she puts on the event, expected to draw about 45 invited guests.

During the event, a variety of student-created films will be screened, with seven documentaries from our COM385 class, a variety of student submissions, and the first screening on campus of Professor Paul Miller’s “The Final Out” documentary.

On the second segment of the podcast, we welcome News Correspondent Jamie Harmon to deliver the Knightly News Brief. This segment is an audio version of some of our most-viewed stories on our blog.

During the summer version of the brief, stories from Jenelle Dulack, Leslie Heimbaugh and Nash McComsey are featured, as well as an update on the “Knights at the Movies” podcast.

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