Alum reporter gives back to Knightly News

By Gabryelle Breski

Knightly News Reporter

The Knightly News Media Club is holding a Whoopie Pie Sale in November to fundraise money for club needs on campus.

The whoopie pies come in packs of 4 for $8 with the choice of chocolate or pumpkin and orders are due Nov. 10

The whoopie pies will be made by Leslie Heimbaugh, former club president and 2022 Commencement Valedictorian.

Heimbaugh was a student reporter for the Knightly News and has continued her success after graduation, recently being named executive director of the Perry County Literacy Council.

Still, she says the college and the Knightly News are always in her mind. She describes the bake sales as “one thing I knew how to do and would really help” the club.

Former Knightly News President Leslie Heimbaugh prepares the whoopie pies for the sale. Photo courtesy Leslie Heimbaugh

Heimbaugh started with a baking license and began catering. She continued to own her own bakery prior to starting at Central Penn College in 2018 when she returned to college seeking a job promotion.

As the club became one of her many responsibilities, Heimbaugh took on the next role of baking for club fundraisers. Starting in 2019, she made chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies for the club’s first sale.

Over the last several years, the club’s whoopie pie sales have been a huge hit, allowing Heimbaugh to graduate to a 20-quart mixer to handle the volume.

The whoopie pies will be available for pickup on Nov. 22 between 12:10 p.m. and 1 p.m. in the ATEC Lobby. If that time in not convenient, arrangements can be made for delivery on campus or to pick up at a different time that day.

For more information about the fundraiser or the Knightly News Media Club, please contact Professor Paul Miller or any Knightly News Media Club member.