Knightly News Presents: KDK Sports Talk Podcast

By Dalton Koller

Knightly News Reporter

On this episode of the KDK Sports Talk podcast, hosts Kevon Davis and Dalton Koller break down issues in college athletics.

First, the hosts discuss the disturbing trend of athletes having others take SATs and ACTs for them so that they can get into big-name schools. They bring up past instances of this happening, while also discussing what could be done to solve this issue.

In the second segment, the duo talks about the G-League (the NBA’s developmental league) and how high school basketball players are skipping college and going straight to the NBA. They talk about the creation of the G-League for high school players and young college players, the effects it has on the NCAA and review different athletes who have gone through the process.

In the final segment, the discussion centers around college athletes receiving brand deals and using their likenesses to make money. We talked about how the NIL (Name/Image/Likeness) rule affects college athletes and schools in the NCAA, why the rule is changing and how it will impact NCAA athletics in its entirety.