Looking into the past at Central Penn

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser


As former Knightly News President Dylan Bowman’s time came to a close at Central Penn College, there was just one last thing he wanted to check off of the list, bringing some of the history of Central Penn College to life for the next generation.

Bowman produced two of the most time-intensive stories in the history of The Knightly News, his “History Preserved” series. This series chronicled the histories of the Boyer House and former radio stations on campus in the 70s and 80s.

As part of his work with the latter story, on WARP radio, he had the opportunity to meet alumni Craig Fahnestock, who worked at the station. During his interview, Fahnestock shared that he still possessed some VHS tapes from his time at the college, which he attended from 1990-92. Bowman made a decision that these videos needed to be shared with the Central Penn community and sent them off to be digitized.

There were two tapes from the early 90s, one entitled “Central Pennsylvania Business School: Video Yearlook 1992” and “Central Pennsylvania Business School: Allied Health Program.”

According to Fahnestock, the “Video Yearlook 1992” video was a new direction that the Yearbook Club put together, moving away from a standard college yearbook and to a video-style effort. Also provided by Fahnestock was a promo video featuring our Allied Health program. The videos can be seen below.

Special thanks go out to Bowman and Fahnestock for the “History Preserved” series, but also for literally preserving the history of Central Penn College from some 30+ years ago.