Women’s soccer team scores with Bras Across the Bridge

Central Penn strings bras across Henszey’s Bridge for 8th year in a row

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By Sara M. Walters

Knightly News Reporter


On Thursday, the Lady Knights soccer team, the Colleges Against Cancer club, Feel Your Boobies Foundation board members, students, staff and faculty strung 88 bras across Henszey’s Bridge to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Coach Rudy Grubesky and the Lady Knights led the charge for Bras Across the Bridge on campus. It was the eighth consecutive year in which Central Penn participated in the event.

Photo by Sara Walters

The Central Penn community helped CAC collect the 88 bras for the event. When the bras are taken down, they will be donated to Community Aid.

CAC partners with the Feel Your Boobies Foundation on the project to educate young women on life-saving calls to action, how to perform self-exams and when to advocate for themselves.

According to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, breast cancer is the No. 1 cause of cancer death of women under 35 and the most common form of cancer in women ages 15-39.

Colleges Against Cancer has been stringing bras across Henszey’s Bridge for eight years to support Feel Your Boobies with the goal of educating young women on the importance of breast education.

CAC arranged different ways to raise awareness, including an information table in the ATEC lobby, a dress-down day for faculty and staff, and the bra display on the bridge.

Janelle Heiserman is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2019, and is the  Feel Your Boobies board secretary. Heiserman shared her story with us on Thursday and added that she is cancer free!

Kristin Fike, CAC club adviser, said: “Bras Across Campus spreads an important message to the young women on our campus to be aware of breast cancer even at a young age. Be proactive about breast health and contact your health-care provider with any changes. Janelle from the Feel Your Boobies Foundation shared important advice during her message at the bras across campus event. She said to know your body and advocate for your health.”

For more information about Colleges Against Cancer, contact kristinfike@centralpenn.edu.

If you are interested in donating to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, visit https://www.feelyourboobies.com/.

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Edited by media-club co-adviser and blog editor Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi.