New student group to advise on sports

By Gabryelle Breski

Knightly News Reporter

Student athletes at Central Penn now have a committee to amplify their voice on campus.

Woman holding volleyball
Central Penn Athletic Director Kasey Hicks. Photo by
Michael Lear-Olimpi

The athletics department created the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) recently to provide student athletes in each sport input on how each program is run.

The committee began after Athletic Director Kasey Hicks heard the needs of players and recognized the power students’ self-directed input could play in their satisfaction and success in sports at the college.

“It was a way to build bonds between teams and gain more feedback from current athletes,” SAAC Vice President Jeana Lower said in an email to The Knightly News. “It also allows Kasey to give certain roles and responsibilities to student-athletes … so she can dedicate her time to other things on her to-do list.”

The committee will meet two to three times a term to provide Hicks with input on sports.

Each team has one committee representative. Committee members must be seniors.

“It means a lot to me to have a committee like this representing all student-athletes, including past, present, and future,” Lower added. “I think it’s a great way to have representatives from each team bringing their concerns and praises of what’s happening during their seasons, while also creating a safe place for any student to speak their mind about any other issues that may come up. Unity was a big topic we talked about during our speeches to be a part of this club and I think that just proves how impactful a club like SAAC can be for CPC.”

SAAC members appear below.

(Photos courtesy Central Penn College.)

Ryan Stevens (baseball), president
Jeana Lower (women’s soccer), vice president
Amson Charleston (men’s soccer)

Jayla Pearson (volleyball) Editor’s note: Pearson is also a member of the Lady Knights basketball team. This is her basketball photo.
Sydney Bubb (women’s basketball), secretary
Nate Jean-Philippe (men’s basketball)