Fall term Knights at the Roundtable is a success

An experience like this is rare in the collegiate world,

and students should participate in it

By Emmilee Brown

Knightly News Reporter


Central Penn President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams took time to speak to first-term students in the Capital Blue Cross Theatre on Oct. 21.

Fedrizzi-Williams has been president of Central Penn for four years but has worked at the college for over six years. She started her career here as the vice president of academic affairs. She was then promoted to interim president and was inaugurated as the tenth president of the college.

Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams (center, sitting) with students at Knights at the Roundtable on Oct. 21. Photo by Emmilee Brown

She believes it’s important to share her story and to get to know students, for all of whom she works and advocates.

With that mindset, she teamed with Director of First Year Experience Janet Bixler to have Knights at the Roundtable. Different from offerings at many colleges, this program allows students to hear first-hand the story of their president and to openly ask questions.

Being a wife who had to take care of her family while earning a degree, Fedrizzi-Williams understands the struggles of trying to fit college into life while juggling other responsibilities. She wants to let students know that college is worth the work it takes and to help inspire them to keep pushing forward in their academic careers.

Fedrizzi-Williams makes a point to let students know the entire faculty and staff are their biggest supporters, and are at Central Penn to help them throughout their college journey. She also repeated that they could meet with her regarding any issue, and she will help them work through their concerns.

For more information on the first-year experience, contact Bixler at Janet.Bixler@mymail.centralpenn.edu.

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