College students supporting cancer awareness

Central Penn’s Colleges Against Cancer club is active in its mission

By Brynet Gray

Knightly News Reporter

Central Penn’s Colleges Against Cancer Club is determined to bring awareness of cancer to everyone.

Not only is the club focused on its mission of raising awareness of cancer, but over the years, the club has participated in many events pertaining to cancer education, support and research, and engaged in fundraising for local cancer organizations.

The club also brings awareness of cancer to college students, informing them that they, too, can be at risk for cancer.

Kristin Fike, Central Penn’s internship coordinator, decided to become an adviser of the club after the passing of her friend Jennifer Campbell from cancer. Campbell’s engagement with cancer awareness influenced Fike, and Fike was determined to continue Campbell’s passion for cancer awareness, and so, Fike founded the club.

Colleges Against Cancer and members of the Lady Knights soccer team who led the awareness march for
Bras Across the Bridge on campus recently.
Photo by Brynet Gray

“Being a part of Colleges Against Cancer is important to me because I get to help spread the message to students on campus that you are not too young to get cancer,” club member Sara Walters said. “As club president, I do my best to educate others on the statistics of cancer and how to advocate for themselves.”

Over the years, the club has held many events. One special event involved Colleges Against Cancer and Campus Christian Ministries. The two came together to host a “packing party” for the Radiant Hope origination, the mission of which is to support and encourage people whose lives cancer has affected. The organization sends care packages free of charge to friends facing cancer. Each box contains small encouraging items to support and bring hope to these people’s journey. Students and employees packed 24 packages filled with personal-care items donated by the campus community.

The club’s most recent event, Bras Across the Bridge, held on Oct. 26, had the club team with the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, hanging bras along the inner rails of Henszey’s Wrought Iron Bridge, on campus. The club has been participating in Bras Across the Bridge for eight years, generating thousands of dollars in fundraising.

If you have any questions about the club or are looking to join, email Fike at

If you are interested in donating to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, visit

To learn more about Radiant Hope, visit

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Edited by media-club co-adviser and blog editor Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi.