“Knightly News Presents” welcomes students to discuss student loans on debut episode

By Molly Peters and Sarah Whitmire

Knightly News Reporters

In the debut episode of the “Central Penn College Dames Discuss…” podcast, student reporters Molly Peters, Alexa Shughart and Sarah Whitmire entertain the idea of what free college would look like if implemented in the United States.

Free college sounds like a good idea on the surface, but it may not be as free as one would expect it to be.

The three dames gathered to discuss the pros and cons of having free college and to talk about the different ways to bring down expenses when it comes to attending college today.

From scholarships to lower student loan interest rates, there are many things that can be done to aid in lessening the financial burdens students frequently face.

The students also discuss their personal experiences in dealing with federal financial aid, the difficult process of student loans, the student debt crisis as a whole, and resources on how to apply for scholarships.

One of the scholarships that the hosts discuss is the CPC Education Foundation Scholarship. If you have any questions on any scholarship opportunities with Central Penn, contact Sandy Box for more information at SandraBox@centralpenn.edu. The next opportunity for this scholarship comes during the summer term, with the application opening in August.

“CPC Dames Discuss…” is the first episode from “Knightly News Presents,” featuring students from our COM270: Writing for Broadcast Media course from the winter term. As a final project, students were taught how to produce their own podcasts.