An inspiring return: My experience volunteering with Camp Hill Senior Challenger Baseball

By Kevon Davis

Knightly News Reporter

CAMP HILL, Pa. — As the Central Penn College Knights baseball season came to a close, another baseball season is just getting started, that of the Camp Hill Senior Challenger League.

Last season, several of my teammates and I volunteered with the league, and it is my goal to continue being part of the organization this season.

On May 21, and on dates in June, I will have the incredible opportunity to reconnect with the league, an organization that provides adults with special needs the chance to continue playing baseball. As a member of the Central Penn College baseball team and an avid volunteer, I can confidently say that this experience was nothing short of inspiring.

Players from the Camp Hill Senior Challenger Baseball League play at Fiala Field on 21st Street in Camp Hill.
Photo by Kevon Davis

Stepping onto the field, I was greeted with cheers and enthusiastic welcomes from the very kids I had the pleasure of managing last year. The sheer joy on their faces filled me with a sense of pride and fulfillment, knowing that I had made a positive impact on their lives.

Catching up with each of them and hearing about their experiences since our last encounter created an instant bond and reminded me of the lasting connections formed through the game of baseball.

Although I wasn’t assigned as the Orioles’ manager this year, I embraced the opportunity to be my team’s catcher. This role allowed me to contribute to the game while also ensuring that the players were positioned correctly in the batter’s box and holding the bat with confidence. Witnessing their determination and courage as they battled the hot afternoon weather during our two-inning game left me in awe of their spirit and dedication to learning the game.

During this memorable day, I had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Professor Paul Miller, who, in addition to being a professor at Central Penn, is also the commissioner of the Senior League, whose son actively participates in the program. Our discussion shed light on the impact this organization has on the lives of its participants and the broader community. It confirmed my belief in the power of baseball as a way for inclusivity and support, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for everyone involved.

Fellow Central Penn Knight Blake Myers joined me at Fiala Field in Camp Hill. Photo by Kevon Davis

As the final pitch was thrown, I joined my fellow volunteer Blake Myers in cleaning up the field, ensuring that all equipment was returned to its designated place and the area was left how we found it. This group effort showcased the incredible community spirit and teamwork that’s alive and thriving in Camp Hill Senior Challenger Baseball, and it made a lasting impact on me that I’ll never forget.

My experience volunteering with Camp Hill Senior Challenger League reinforced the importance of being involved in the community and left me with a renewed passion for sharing my love of baseball. The pure joy and determination displayed by the players served as a reminder of the power of sports and its ability to bring people together.

As I continue my journey as a volunteer and advocate for Camp Hill Senior Challenger League, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of others through baseball. This experience has fueled my desire to create a positive impact, inspire inclusivity and foster a sense of belonging within our community.

In the end, it is through acts of volunteering and embracing the spirit of giving back that we can truly make a difference and create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, both on and off the baseball field.

If you’d like to learn more about the incredible work being done by the Camp Hill Senior Challenger League and their dedication to providing adults with special needs with the opportunity to continue playing baseball, I encourage you to visit their Facebook page at

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Edited by media-club co-advisers professors Paul Miller and Michael Lear-Olimpi.