Podcast #130 discusses Knights Athletics and Knightly News Brief

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On this episode of the Knightly News Podcast, Professor Miller is joined by Athletic Director Kasey Hicks, wrapping up the baseball season and looking ahead to soccer, volleyball, and basketball seasons coming up in the summer and fall terms. On the second segment, News Correspondent Jamie Harmon discusses important stories covered by the club this term.

During our time with Hicks, we discuss Central Penn Knights baseball season that recently concluded, as well as looking ahead to the soccer, volleyball and basketballs seasons.

In terms of Knights baseball, we recapped the season that was, with the Knights ending up with a 6-12 mark on the year. Even with a record that was short of expectations for the team, Hicks noted that the pandemic significantly impacted the scheduling this season. She anticipates a normal schedule for the group next season.

Other sports at Central Penn are in a state of change, with soccer and women’s basketball featuring new coaches, and volleyball embarking on its first season.

On the second segment of the Knightly News Podcast, Reporter Jamie Harmon gives the Knightly News Brief, an audio version of some of the key stories written by the club in the spring term.

This Knightly News Brief contains the following stories:

  • Ashley Reichard – Previewing the “Layers of Diversity” project
  • Molly Peters – Sexual Assault Awareness Week recap
  • Leslie Heimbaugh – CPC Film Series review
  • Krystal Golden – Vaccines on college campuses
  • Madison Lucey – Central Penn received “Home school-friendly” certification

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