Episode #147 talks ‘CPC Gives Back’ and the Knightly News Brief

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On this episode of the Knightly News Podcast, we welcome the Director of College Relations Curtis Voelker to talk about the history of the “CPC Gives Back” campaign while revealing the 2022 initiative and News Correspondent Jamie Harmon with the Knightly News Brief for winter.

During our time with Voelker, we recap the 2020 and 2021 “CPC Gives Back” campaigns. The initiative has been a college-wide effort, focusing on essential elements of the local communities in the seven main counties the college serves. In 2020, food insecurity was addressed, while in 2021 housing insecurity was supported.

On the show, Voelker also makes a major announcement concerning the cause that Central Penn College will be supporting in 2022.

Should you have any ideas for specific organizations or want to be a part of “CPC Gives Back” this year, reach out to Voelker at curtisvoelker@centralpenn.edu.

On the second segment of the podcast, we welcome News Correspondent and Knightly News Vice President Jamie Harmon for the winter edition of the Knightly News Brief.

Below are the stories and writers featured on this audio edition of the Knightly News.

  • Jenelle Dulack – Gender-inclusive housing
  • Leslie Heimbaugh – “Knights at the Movies” podcast airs finale episode
  • Kevon Davis – Knights baseball to play at FNB Field
  • Paul Miller – Knightly News partners with West Shore Connect
  • Dylan Bowman – Review of the winter edition of CPC Film Series

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