Spring Knightly News Brief and West Shore Connect headline Episode #172

By Paul Miller

Knightly News Co-Adviser

On this episode of the Knightly News Podcast, Professor Paul Miller and President Abbee Breski give the spring edition of the Knightly News Brief. On the second segment, we are joined by seven West Shore Connect students to discuss their year of school and impart wisdom to future students.

In the Knightly News Brief, which is an audio version of some of our stories from the term, we feature the following:

  • “CPC alum picks up student journalism award” by Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi
  • “Knightly News represents Central Penn College at Philadelphia Phillies #CollegeSeries” by Andrew Hunter and Abbee Breski
  • “Knightly News takes home Club of the Year honors at Activities and Athletics Banquet” by The Knightly News
  • “The CPC Film Series returns with a vengeance with ‘V for Vendetta” by Nik Hogan
  • “Nate Jean-Philippe named Knightly News Athlete of the Year” by Dalton Koller

During the second segment, we welcome seven students from the West Shore Connect program on a recently-recorded episode during a “Connection Tuesday” with the Knightly News.

The episode, which also features Knightly News Vice President Andrew Hunter and Reporter Kevon Davis, asks the students to reflect on their first year in the program and to share advice for new students coming into the program next year.

The students featured in the episode are:

  • Clifton (CJ) Brubaker
  • Wyatt Replogle
  • Adi Mujkanovic
  • Kevin Orellana
  • Chloe Kim
  • Marissa Ohl
  • Michael Monismith

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This is our last podcast of the spring term. We will return for the summer term on July 18.