Gamma Beta Phi wraps up four-week food drive

Football themes helped make the drive a winning game

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By Sara Walters

Knightly News Reporter

Over four weeks this term, Gamma Beta Phi, the national honor and service society on campus, collected 430 items, many with multiple products, for the campus food pantry, including nonperishable foods, cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Donations came from faculty, staff, students and community members.

Eight college students in a line in front of shelves stocked mostly with nonperishable food. It's the Central Penn Food Pantry.
From left, Central Penn Gamma Beta Phi members Sophia Roque, Sydney Bubb, Sidney Green, Rodney Edwards, Ria Crosley, Laura Struble, Gabryelle “Abbee” Breski and Sara Walters in the Central Penn College Food Pantry. All items, including the bags in the foreground, right, were donated. Photo by Amanda Stuckey

Quaker made another generous donation this term that consisted of oatmeal, cereal, rice cakes, chips, and macaroni and cheese cups.

Throughout the four weeks, multiple themes were in place to motivate people to donate.

The first week of the food drive was Super Bowl-themed. That week saw the most donations.

The following week was a redemption week for teams, and as cleaning supplies were most needed, they counted as two points.

The last two weeks had an item assigned to it daily. For example, on Monday, the item was disinfecting wipes and multipurpose sanitizing spray. On Tuesday, the requested items were peanut butter and jelly.

The item of the day was based on items most needed in the pantry.

It didn’t take long for eight GBP members and their adviser to put the donated food, cleaning supplies and toiletries into the pantry and organize the shelves.
Photo by Sara Walters

Eight Gamma Beta Phi members and their adviser, Amanda Stuckey, assistant professor of humanities, met on Thursday to organize the donations in the food pantry and organize the shelves. The work took about 20 minutes.

The college’s food pantry is chock-full of \items for residential, online and commuter students.

Students can use this link to request items from the pantry.

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