Legal Studies club introduces students to the U.S. legal system

Justice and access for all

By Bret Saveleski

Special to The Knightly News

The U.S. legal system is a complex, sophisticated one that the average American likely possesses only a rudimentary understanding of.

At Central Penn College, there exists a small community full of like-minded students interested in the law and its many intricacies.

That is the Legal Studies Club, which aims to introduce students to the system of law in the United States.

Harry Baturin and Robert Donley are the club’s faculty advisers, and they want students to know that it’s not just for law students but for anybody interested in learning more about the law and law-related matters.

Meetings for the Legal Studies Club are held once a month, on Tuesdays or Thursdays,  with students contacted well in advance to determine which date is best for a meeting.

The club hosts events that aim to provide students a detailed experience of the law in action. One of those events is a mock trial in the legal-studies program’s courtroom, in Bollinger Hall, to give club members a real-world, first-person, point of view of trials.

In addition to mock trials, the club hosts guest speakers with experience in the field. Last semester, the first Latino Pennsylvania secretary of state and current secretary of aging, Robert Torres, spoke to students on campus.

Students interested in the Legal Studies Club should contact Baturin at or Donley at for more information. The CPC app has a Legal Studies Club group channel, too.

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Edited by media-club co-adviser and blog editor Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi.