Should Will’s Place food be delivered to on-campus students?

Students like the idea

By Sarrah Al-Raddahi

Special to The Knightly News

Many students have asked on the Central Penn app whether Will’s Place, in the ATEC student lounge, should deliver food to on-campus students.

With food delivery services such as UberEats and DoorDash, being able to order food has made it easier for people to get their meals.

Will’s Place student lounge, on the ground-level of ATEC.
Photo by Sarrah Al-Raddahi

Will’s Place is an all-day and all-night lounge and self-service cafe for students to sit down and eat with their friends or by themselves, or to simply sit down and complete work for classes.

The small cafe also includes a television for students to watch funny videos, shows or movies while they are eating or meeting with friends.

Various food for Will’s Place includes microwavable meals, salads, wraps, water, caffeinated beverages, snacks, and similar food and drink options.

“Yes, so many people have expressed the idea of Will’s Place delivering, especially when you live far, it’s late at night or it’s just simply way too cold, so I think it can be beneficial,” student Briana Dorty said. “Will’s Place also has the potential to bring more jobs to people on campus that need it.”

Another student, Fatumo Farah, stated, “I can’t comment because I don’t live on campus, but the students that do should have that option since they are required to have meal cards.”

Food vending machines in Will’s Place. Photo by Sarrah Al-Raddahi

In addition, CPC President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams said in an email, “This is a really creative idea and certainly something we will look into. In the meantime, we are investigating how to provide made-to-order to-go services from Knight and Day Cafe. It’s all a question of ‘How big is the demand for these services and what is possible with current staff in 2023?’ Will’s Place has been such a hit; it’s exciting to think about where we can take it from here.”

As Dorty’s and Farah’s comments indicate , implementing a food-delivery service for Will’s Place would provide numerous benefits for on-campus students. Although a food-delivery service for Will’s Place is still being pondered, students can visit for the food, get a chance to get together with friends or complete schoolwork.

Al-Raddahi wrote this story for a journalism class taught this term by Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi, who is media-club co-adviser and blog editor. Lear-Olimpi edited this story,

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