Club Wars returns to Central Penn College

By Trinity Etzweiler 

Special to The Knightly News Reporter 

The Student Government Association (SGA), Student Ambassadors (SA) and the Activities Advisory Board (AAB) will present Club Wars on Nov. 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Conference Center in ATEC to generate student and club involvement.  

This event is open to all clubs and club members who would like to participate. If a student is a part of multiple clubs, he or she may choose one club to represent during the event or multiple clubs. A student who chooses to represent multiple clubs must specify ahead of time what clubs he or she will represent for each challenge or activity. 

This year’s event will also be open to groups of students, residential and commuter students, who may register a group with a minimum of five members. This may include groups of friends or athletic teams who would like to join the event.  

On Episode #138 of the Knightly News Podcast, SGA President Michelle Donaghy said, “It’s a way for clubs to get engaged and kind of compete in a little event where there are different activities.” 

The activities and challenges during the event include a three-legged race, obstacle course, knockout competition and more. There will also be some shorter challenges, including a push-up competition and a contest to determine who can longest hold a squat or plank. Food will be provided at the event.   

In the past, Club Wars was a successful event that was held after a former staff member came up with the idea. Since then, the event was unable to occur due to many different circumstances, until these three clubs worked together to bring it back. The SGA, SA and AAB started planning this event in January, and have put a lot of hard work into making this event happen.  

At the end of the event, one club will carry away the new Spirit Stick that the Art Club has been working on since May. This Spirit Stick represents the essence of Central Penn while conveying the creativity of the students.  

To sign up a club or group, contact Dean of Student Engagement Adrienne Thoman, at, by Nov. 17. If your club is already involved, then reach out to your club adviser to participate.