Central Penn esports team looks forward to showing its skills again

It’s gaming – but it’s not just a game

By Tam Bui

Knightly News Reporter


Young man in a gray sweatshirt seated in a gaming chair playing Call of Duty vanguard on a computer monitor. In front of him is a reddish-orange wall with the Central Penn knight logo (silver helmet with facemask and an orange plume on top of the helmet, and CPC Esports -- with the CPC in reddish-orange outlined in white and the Esports in bright white below the CPC, against a black background
Esports team member Marquis Wahid plays some Call of Duty in the Knights Esports Lab. Photo by Michael Lear-Olimpi

Esports is a relatively new sport in which competitors play video games against one another in competition games, often in leagues, at colleges and universities, and professionally.

Many games implement some form of esport or competitive mode by which players can test their skills. Some popular games include League of Legends, Rocket League, Counter Strike, Valorant and Call of Duty.

Central Penn is no stranger to this trend, and the college has a gaming club and an e-sports team that competes with other colleges, and some include the games previously mentioned. The team has brought trophies to campus, including one for coming in as the Rocket League 2022 national champions and one for securing a final-four placement in a Call of Duty Vanguard tournament that year.

Rocket League is a soccer video game and Vanguard is a version of Call of Duty in which players’ avatars fight in important World War II battles, according to the game companies’ websites.

Some of the team’s trophies. Photo by Marquis Wahid
National Association of Collegiate Esports plaque. Photo by Marquis Wahid

Most recently, the esports team racked up a 2-11 record, but team members have a strong desire to continue improving. The 2024-2025 season began on Feb. 7.

“I plan on improving my game and helping the team by practicing daily and looking for feedback from my coach and teammates, as well as giving good feedback to my teammates,” Logan Kibler said.

The team’s trophies are in the Knights Game Lab, ATEC 304.

Mikeal Pecot, of Central Penn’s information technology department, and Donnie Lewis, of the college’s admissions department, coach the teams.

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Edited by media-club co-adviser and blog editor Professor Michael Lear-Olimpi.